Corporate Partnerships

WOW invites corporate partners to support the cause of empowering women and girl children to stand up for Justice, Equality and Change through the following ways:

Matching Grant

The employers contribute a sum of money that matches the financial contribution made by the employees and adopt a project that is of interest to the contributors.

Specific Ways Of Engagement:
  • A visit to the project areas, thereby building a relationship with the beneficiaries
  • Be involved in any material distribution
  • Share employees time and expertise with the beneficiaries
  • Receive a quarterly/ monthly report depending on the level of giving
  • Volunteer with WOW at specific events or by contributing through specific skills required for WOW’s campaigns

WOW 2020

A project where the corporate partners can work with a specific group of  women who are vulnerable to social conditions that affect their self-worth in order to empower them with the ability to stand up for Justice, Equality and Change.

Specific Engagement Plan:
  • Corporates can work alongside WOW to formulate specific 3 year programs that will achieve the goal of equipping women to stand up for themselves and others
  • Share employee’s time and expertise for the development of the specific group of women

Student Partnerships

An opportunity for students to partner alongside WOW, with the objective to create opportunities for youth to use their full potential to be sensitive to the needs of women and children from difficult backgrounds.

Specific Engagement Plan:
  • Students can become ambassadors of women and children from difficult backgrounds
  • Organize fund raising events in schools/colleges
  • Joint sponsorship or crowd funding where a group of students can be engaged by sharing their resources, time and expertise.