Girl Arise Projects


WOW’s Girl Arise rehabilitation project, addresses the needs of girl children rescued from human trafficking, abandonment, abuse and neglect. The solution WOW seeks is to encompass specific areas of prevention, rescue and recovery. Each year we work with over 500 adolescent girls and children in the city of Chennai on a daily basis through life skills training, counselling, art therapy and more.Help them rebuild their lives by supporting our rehabilitation initiative:

Sponsor one girl child

Sponsor one girl child for a year and help provide basic necessities such as food, clothing, and after-care through counselling and age appropriate life skill training and health care.
INR 12, 000 (160€ / $175) per annum  (or)
INR 1000 (14€ / 15$) per month per child 

Sponsor a one-time gift

Sponsor a one-time gift of Rs 1000 (14E/15$) for a child
Your gift will consist of 2 pairs of clothes, 1 pair of footwear, hygiene kit, health drink and education kit.
Cost: INR1000 (€14 / $15) per girl child

Sponsor Training for Caretakers:

This is a program designed to train the caretakers at the rehab facilities, to debrief, cope with their environment and to enhance their skills through consistent training.
Cost: INR 25,000 (€333 / $364) per annum

Sponsor Counselling And Therapy:

One of the major areas of intervention in the rehabilitation process is counselling and therapy that help girls process their experiences, overcome the trauma and be groomed to be integrated back into their families and communities.
Cost Per Month : INR 15,000 (€200 / $219)

Sponsor Higher Education For Adolescent Girls:

School drop-out rate among adolescent girls according to recent statistics is 33%. WOW plans to initiate Higher Education Sponsorship Programs for adolescent girls from lower income backgrounds. We plan to enroll the girls who have completed at least 10th grade/standard into formal training programs or diploma courses that will equip them with employable skills suited to their abilities and interests.
Estimated total cost per girl per year including tuition, food and accommodation: INR 30,000 (€400 / $437)

Safe School Project:

One of Girl Arise’s missions, is to support and initiate ‘safe environments’ on school campuses. With the rising incidents of abuse in recent times, WOW hopes to come alongside schools to help create safe school campuses through awareness and training programs, staff orientation and screening etc.,
Estimated Cost for Research/Survey, Development of Workshop Material and Training Programs is INR 50,000 (665€/727$)

Conduct A One-hour Workshop On Safety Awareness

Cost: INR 5000 (€67 / $73)