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The Dark Is Beautiful Campaign
Girl Arise Campaign

Girl Arise Campaign Specific Needs

I choose to give a one-time gift of towards the girl arise campaign
I would like to sponsor rehabilitation program for child / children and adolescent girls on a basis.
Estimated Cost Rs. 1000/€14 / $15 per child per month
I would like to sponsor training program(s) for caretakers
Estimated Cost Rs. 25,000/ €333 /$364 per program
I would like to Sponsor Counselling and therapy for children and adolescent girls for quarters
Estimated cost Rs 25,000/ €333 /$364 per quarter
I would like to Sponsor vocational/skill training for education for adolescent girls
Estimated Cost Rs 30,000/€399 /$450 per girl per annum
I would like to sponsor research & development of the Safe Schools Project
Estimated cost Rs 5,00,000/€ 6650/$7270
I would like to sponsor Girl Arise citywide awareness event(s) on women’s safety at home, campuses, at work and Public spaces
Estimated cost Rs. 2,00,000

Dark is Beautiful Campaign Specific Needs

I would like to sponsor Beauty Beyond Colour citywide event or a new chapter launch event
Estimated Cost Rs. 2,00,000/€2632 /$2986 per event
I would like to give a one-time partial donation of towards an event
I would like to sponsor research and development of media literacy curriculum for students

Estimated Cost Rs. 3,00,000/€ 4000/ $ 4348
I would like to sponsor media literacy trying workshops for students and corporates
Estimated cost at Rs. 5,000/ €67/ $73 per work shop
I would like to sponsor training of trainers conferences
Estimated cost at Rs 2,00,000/ € 2632/ $ 2986 per conference

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