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Through lectures, workshops, conferences and seminars on issues relevant to women, youth and children, WOW seeks to equip and train them with skills that will allow them to be the best that they can be. We teach such things as:

  • Media Literacy – a module on understanding the influence of media and the importance of filtering media messages for school and college students
  • Redefining Beauty – on capturing how beauty is beyond skin colour, shape or size
  • Career Planning – on helping students recognize their unique potential
  • Peer Pressure – on making the right choices and dealing with peer influences
  • Addictions – on overcoming harmful habits, recognizing warning signs
  • Coping with Exams – on handling fear and pressure, preventing suicide
  • Goals & Time Management – on pursuing dreams, setting study goals etc.,
  • Relationships – on developing healthy relationships
  • Personality Development – on developing the whole person, overcoming low self-esteem
  • Leadership Development – on nurturing leadership skills in women
  • Legal Literacy – awareness on legal rights

WOW conducts such workshops and seminars in schools and colleges across the country and throughout the world.

Conduct a WOW workshop in your community

To do a WOW workshop in your school, college, office or organisation, please call +91 99628 18086 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)

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