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Runner Up poem entry in the 2009 Contest

A Lullaby for Yamini* – By Susan Philip The Sleep Fairy’s coming my little one, She’ll stay for a while, my pretty one, She’ll bring sweet dreams to your jet-bright eyes, And sing you the loveliest lullabies. Sleep, little Yamini, my life, my light, Sleep, little Yamini, queen of the night, The Sleep Fairy’s near, […]


Winning poem entry in the 2009 contest

Good Mothers by Saudha Kasim Good mothers obey the old crones who hang By the windowsills, staring into low-ceilinged, dark rooms. Toothless and ashen-skinned, they suggest remedies: Rose water, milk, honey, jasmine, powdery sandalwood. Good mothers, pregnant and blooming, bathe in all that and Listen to their mothers echo the interfering old crones. The ones […]