The Fearless Project: Raising the Bar on Children’s Safety!

Did you know that 53% of children in India between the ages of 5-12 have suffered sexual abuse with boys being abused as much as girls. Did you also know that every 15 minutes there is a woman being raped in India with one in three below 18 ?

These statistics provided by the Human Rights Watch along with studies done by various organisations show a disturbing trend. A trend where schools, colleges and communities which should be places of safety turn into the exact opposite.

Women of Worth (A Unit of Provide) a non-profit based in Chennai, India hopes to radically change these statistics through the Fearless Project. Prevention is better than cure. Abuse leaves life long scars. The Fearless Project aims to prevent these scars altogether.

Our vision is two fold:

  1. Prevention: To help prevent abuse before it happens by bringing awareness and ensuring safety protocols on campuses
  2. Recovery: To help those who have been traumatized by abuse

Project Vision

To provide a support system for educational institutions in India in order to ensure proper training and implementation of safety guidelines for students, parents, faculty and staff.

This project requires partnership with educational institutions (schools and colleges) to prevent and identify signs of child abuse, harassment and other detrimental behaviours that could hinder the maintenance of a safe and pain free environment. The partnership will include workshops for teachers and management staff in order to understand abuse, identify signs of abuse and to build a rapport with the students entrusted to them. Schools can also, with our help, create a safety mandate for themselves by systematically creating recruitment screening checklists and adequate safety measures. We will also conduct workshops for students to help them deal with issues such as abuse and bullying while giving them some tips on media literacy as well.

The Plan

  • Step 1: Campuses register with Women of Worth for their free workshop package on safety awareness for a select group with representatives from Teaching, non-teaching and management staff.
  • Step 2: Plan a safety awareness week which will be dedicated to discussion, workshops and events on safety.
  • Step 3: Assist WOW in executing the Safety Awareness Drive.
  • Step 4: Set up a Safety Inquiry Forum on campus involving at least one representative from the teaching and management staff, students and campus counselor.
  • Step 5: Stay in touch with WOW for updates and future workshops.

Q & A

1. Why are we doing the Fearless project?
One in two children have faced some form of Sexual abuse. Women of Worth’s Fearless project is an initiative of the Girl Arise Campaign, to help ensure a sense of safety and security on all student campuses be it schools, colleges, churches, tuition centres and any place where children gather.

2. What are some of the topics that will be covered in the workshop?

  1. Building healthy student-teacher rapport
  2. What student campuses can do to prevent child sexual abuse
  3. How classroom teachers, trainers and educators can identify signs of abuse and take subsequent action
  4. Recommendations for student campuses to set up safety protocols and systems

And more…..

3. Who can volunteer to be a trainer?
Anyone with good communication & training skills and a passion to spread awareness on the prevention of Sexual Abuse can be a part of the training. Volunteers will be required to formally apply and will be given a certificate on completing the Training of Trainers programme.

4. When I become a trainer certified by WOW, how do I begin to train?
WOW will assign you to schools and other learning centres to train teachers and students. You are also welcome to conduct the training in your own school, church, children’s clubs and other learning centres.

5. How do I register for the Training Program ?
Step 1: Contact us via email:
Step 2: Download and fill the application and reference form that we send you
Step 3: Attend WOW’s training session and receive your certification.
Step 4: WOW will send you follow up information about upcoming events and workshops.
Keep looking for updates on future workshops in Chennai, Hyderabad and other cities.

6. How much will the training cost ?
TOT – Training of Trainers workshop is conducted at a very nominal cost by WOW. We plan to take not more than 100 volunteers for phase 1. So hurry up and register.

7. Will I receive the training curriculum to take with me to my school/ institution ?
You will receive all the resources you need to conduct Fearless Project Workshop as and when your institution enrols with WOW.

8. How can I support Fearless Project?
You could sponsor one or more campuses for the Fearless project’s training programmes.
* Sponsor Fearless project for one school – The cost of conducting a full day workshop for students and teachers within Chennai will be ₹30000 excluding conveyance cost if the school is outside of Chennai.
* Sponsor Training of Teachers – A training module for teachers and management will cost a total of ₹15000.
* Sponsor training of students – Safety awareness programmes and workshops conducted specifically for students will cost ₹15000.

9. Who is the project for?
The Fearless project is designed to raise the bar on student’s safety by equipping teachers and caretakers of children to identify abuse and respond appropriately. It also educates the children to identify and protect themselves and their peers from threatening situations.

10. How will the safety drive take place in student campuses / institutions?
Step 1: Interested Schools/institutions can enrol with WOW for the Fearless Project
Step 2: Our certified trainers will conduct a half-day workshop for a group of teaching and non-teaching staff. Each campus can select a few teachers, few non-teaching staff and few management staff to be part of the Training. The training group should not exceed 25 per campus/institution.
Step 3: We will also do an orientation session on safety for students of Primary, Middle and High School which will be up to an 1 hour each.
Step 4: WOW will assist the Campus/institution in arriving at Safety protocols for the campus/institution.

Costs Involved:
The training sessions of the Fearless Project in student campuses were offered free till August 2017. However,  post the launch, the campus/institution will now bear all organizing cost for the project which includes venue for the workshop (a classroom with least disturbance), multimedia equipment, food and refreshments for teachers, students and trainers, as they see fit. The Date for the Fearless Project on campuses will be mutually decided by WOW and the concerned institution. Institutions that can afford our attractive banners, posters and standees can purchase them from WOW for display on campus.

WOW requests that the Institution also provide space for a WOW stall where we will display T-shirts, badges, wrist bands etc., that students can purchase to spread awareness on safety.

Further information will be given post registration.  For any queries, call 99628 18086.

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