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If you need to talk, de-stress or vent your emotions, we’ve created a safe space for you.

This service is free and completely anonymous!

Simply call the number and book a session any day of the week and in the language of your preference. 

Available Monday to Sunday. Call or fill in a form to get started.

Helpline Numbers (Mon – Sun): 

+91 7824881136  

+91 7824881137

Women Of Worth is collaborating with professional and lay counsellors, who have volunteered their time and skills to our free supportive tele-counselling helpline.

This helpline is specially set up to offer a safe space for anyone from within India to talk and find release for pent up emotions and negative feelings, or just de-stress by talking to one of our counsellors.

These free counselling sessions are available in multiple languages and all days of the week.

We Care

  • We care about children facing trauma & loss.
  • We care about caregivers.
  • We care about those in home isolation.
  • We care about those in hospitals fighting for life.
  • We care about grieving families who have lost their loved ones.

Support WOW’s COVID-19 Response Initiatives

Volunteer Partners & Collaborators

How To Cope With Stress Due To COVID-19

  1. Talk about your anxiety with other people you are close to. Keep in touch with loved ones and increase socialisation.
  2. Follow a regular routine through the day, setting aside time for work, leisure, sleep etc.
  3. Meditation.
  4. Physical exercise.
  5. Mindfully engaging in leisure activities.
  6. Reach out for professional help when you have not been able to manage on your own. Call us!

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