By Pooja | High School Student

A Book Report on The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh
Kalla was a very smart boy. He was only 11 years old but he keeps saying that he is 17 or 18  or 19 years old. People would still believe him even when he say, “I am 20 years old,” because he had broad arms, strong muscles, and he was a tall boy. 
He lost his family when he was a 11 years old. His mother gave him a bangle when she was about to die. He was to ask for a woman called Ma Cho in the city. She was annoying lady. She kept Rajkumar’s name as Kalaa because he was dark. 
I have a friend; she is dark. Her mom and her family always annoy her and ask her, “why are you like this? See how others are!” “You are dark,” her mother would say.

One day we were having conversation at school about our parents and the problems we have. I was sad. I told her, “You have everything in life, but I don’t.” She replied, “My mom gives me things. She cares for me. She loves me; after all I’m her daughter. But sometimes she hurts me because I am dark. Sometimes she ignores me and says, “You’re too black. I never wanted a child black like you, but that is what God gave me.”
And I said to her, “I’m fair. But why? My mom doesn’t even want me. Why would she send me so far away from her. At least you have your parents with you, but I don’t. Being dark or black is NOT the matter at all.”
Every people have some kinds of problem in their life. Only thing we can do is pray and make God as our mom, dad, friend, and family. We can’t believe any one in our life. God is everything for us. Talk to Him and he will hep you and change your mom. 
I hate people calling others Kalaa or dark. When Ma Cho called Rajkumar, Kalaa, I didn’t like that at all. She should have called him handsome boy, because I feel dark guys are handsome. 
Same thing I told my friend too: “You are the most beautiful girl and you are valuable in front of God’s eyes. God has a purpose and plan for you. Not only for you but for all the people in this earth. He made us in his own image. We look like Him. We are the most beautiful creation – black, white, brown, yellow, tall, short, or whatever. He loves us so much.”


I am Pooja, a student of 10th standard. I have 12 beautiful sisters and I unique brother. I love my mom and dad. I enjoy drawing, art and crafts, and designing clothes. I live in Chennai. I believe the  people in Chennai are dark and beautiful.