The challenges to a gender-equal world are overwhelmingly many. Do our efforts count? Is the goal of a gender-equal world achievable? One antidote to the sense of hopelessness this stirs is to look at the progress we have made so far. We look back to pick up the courage to move ahead. Our predecessors stopped at nothing. They stood for what they believed in about themselves. We share in their success as norm-breakers. Everything that we do to promote a gender-equal world benefits not just us but those in our world of influence. It also has the potential to influence a whole generation and the ones to come. At WOW, we believe in the power of representation.  Generations of today and tomorrow depend on us to create those representations as our predecessors have done for us. One of our initiatives for 2021 to inspire us to keep moving forward is to recognize women and girls who have been norm-breakers and trendsetters whose life and achievements keep propelling us to rise-up to the challenges ahead of us. 

As we celebrate our 72nd Republic Day here in India, we want to remind you that 15 women helped shape the Constitution of India.

And today we want to recognize and honour Dakshayani Velayudhan who was one of the youngest and the only Dalit woman among the 15 !

She is the WOW Norm-Breaker of the month. 

If you were to break one norm that helps us move towards a gender-equal world, what would you #ChoosetoChallenge?

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Kavitha Emmanuel

Kavitha Emmanuel, Founder- Director

Women of Worth