Dark is Beautiful

Do Away with the ‘But’

When I stepped out in the sun, my skin breathed, long, life giving breaths, as it bathed itself silly in the slanting, loving sunshine. But, I never truly enjoyed the sun, as I should have, for a fear nagged at me. I’ll tan, I’ll become darker and I won’t be beautiful. So, I ran back […]


Fear to Freedom – Spiels from the Month of March

During the month of March, we celebrated “Fear to Freedom” on our Dark is Beautiful Facebook page. What better way to connect with one another than sharing each other’s experiences eh? WOW applauds each and everyone who chose to change the narrative that typically follows fear. Here are a few stories that we gathered from all over India. Fear to […]


Kaali Kali

Dark is beautiful had a splendid opportunity to be a part of a solo exhibition titled “Kaali Kali”, by Yash Shankar that celebrated body positivity and diversity among women with the theme majorly focusing on skin colour discrimination. We love supporting and encouraging young artists like Yash who beautifully express their thoughts through their artwork. […]


Dark on Fleek

    Dark is Beautiful launched in 2009, has had a cascading effect since its inception. It has stimulated and inspired the birth of many other campaigns which advocates against skin colour discrimination. As we (Women of Worth), were inaugurating our Dark is Beautiful Hyderabad Chapter, on the title “Beauty Beyond Colour”on 5th March 2016, […]


Crown You Beautiful

Introduction by Kavitha Emmanuel The message from the Dark is Beautiful campaign is always simply this: The value and worth of people should not be based on their skin colour. Discrimination on the basis of skin colour IS de-humanizing irrespective of cultural or ethnic backgrounds. I have had people of varying skin tones write to us […]


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